Posts from October 2022

Posts from October 2022

TFA Sunday Service 10-30-22

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE We thank everyone who supported our Harvest Festival yesterday, and hope you’ll join us again this morning for worship. Today’s message, “Inspection,” is part 3 in the continuing series, “Building a Great Marriage.”

TFA Sunday Service 10-23-22

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE We’d love to have you join us this morning at 10am for today’s worship service, but if you can’t, we invite you to join our Facebook livestream. Today’s message, the second installment of the “Building a Great Marriage” series, is “Construction.” The Harvest Festival is coming up this Saturday, October 29th from 1 to 6pm. Please spread the word by inviting others from the region.

TFA Sunday Service 10-16-22

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE Good morning, TFA family! Please join us today at 10am for worship. Today’s message begins a new series, “Building a Great Marriage.” Whether married or single, you won’t want to miss it. Also, please be sure to mark your calendars for the Harvest Festival on October 29th, it’s coming up quickly, and volunteers are needed.

Weeping Eyes…Hopeful Heart Part 3B

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE Some people’s concept of God is as a wrathful being who delights in punishing sinners. Others see Him as a benevolent Santa Clause who never punishes anyone. So, which is it? Or is He neither? Or is He both? We’ll discover answers to these questions in tonight’s study in Jeremiah. Let’s grow together! – Pastor Clark

TFA Sunday Service

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE Plese join with your TFA family this morning at 10am, 387 New Harwinton Rd., Torrington, CT, or join us on Facebook via livestream. Also remember, that tonight is the monthly prayer service starting at 6pm.

Weeping Eyes…Hopeful Heart Part 3A

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE An adulterous wife…that’s how God describes the nation of Israel…why? In tonight’s study in the book of Jeremiah we will explore this accusation made by God against His “bride” and, along the way, learn some important truths for our life today. Let’s grow together! – Pastor Clark

TFA Sunday Service 10-2-22

Connect on Facebook Share GIVE Come and worship together with us this morning, or catch our livestream if you can’t make it. Today, we welcome Pastor Mark to the pulpit for a special message.